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Regardless of the age at which you take it, your driving test is one of the most important moments of your life. Not only will it determine whether you get your driver’s license, but also how safe of a driver you are and how confident you can be behind the wheel. Finding the right driving school, lessons, and classes can help you prepare for your test and get you on the road with confidence.
Here at Northwest Driving School, we offer some of the best driving lessons Las Vegas has to offer. From basic driving lessons to more advanced classes, we can help you prepare for your test and confidently get you on the road. Our comprehensive courses and experienced instructors will help you master the basics of driving and pass your test with flying colors!

Driver's Test Pricing

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Corporate Defensive Driving Program

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This Option Applies ONLY to existing Northwest Driving School students

  • Please call our office at 702-212-5667 when you are ready to book your DMV Drive Test. We will book the DMV Drive Test with you to ensure we have an instructor available when the DMV has available Drive Test appointments.
  • Your Instructor will pick you up just like a regular lesson.
  • Your Instructor will provide you with a short, drive test review on your way to your DMV Drive Test.
  • If time allows, you and your Instructor will drive you home after your Drive Test is complete. This does not apply to minors who must be met at the DMV by their parents. Parents are then responsible for accompanying their child home after their Drive Test is complete.

* Call 702-212-5667 for drive test auto rental details

Why Northwest Is The Best
Driving School In Las Vegas?

Affordable Price

Our cost-effective driving lessons are designed to fit your budget and help you get on the road without breaking the bank.

Professional Instructors

Our expert instructors have years of experience teaching drivers on Las Vegas roads. They'll work with you individually to make sure that you understand every aspect of driving and feel confident behind the wheel.

stress-free exam

Pick your car from our extensive selection for driving and relax into the swing of driving with one of our experienced instructors. Our stress-free exam environment will help you pass your driving test!

To Take The Nevada Driving Test You Will Need
The Following Documentation

To take your test, you'll need some form of identification, such as a United States Passport, state ID card, or a school ID card with a photo.

Your Driver's Authorization Card (DAC) is your ticket to success. It's a card that identifies you as an approved driver by the Nevada DMV and verifies that you have completed all of the necessary steps to become a licensed driver in Nevada.

You'll also need to bring proof of residency, such as a utility bill or rental agreement, with you to the DMV office. Having this document will help establish that you live in Nevada, which is one of the requirements for getting a driver's license.

You must provide your vehicle's registration papers and proof of insurance to take the Nevada driving test. You'll also need to show that your vehicle has been inspected and is in good working condition before taking the test.

Students Testimonials

Northwest Driving School can add another success story under their belt!! Just took my road test and passed! I booked the 10-hour lessons package and I was down to the wire with my road test only being a couple of weeks away. We made it happen and now I can finally say I’m a licensed driver. Thank you to Ariel, Roy and Frankie...


Driving School Student

I am so grateful for my experience with this driving school! I came in with a lot of driving anxiety but Ms. Margaret was a great instructor. She was very patient and you can tell she cares deeply about her students. I also took the classroom training with Frank Fopiano and he was just as wonderful. Northwest Driving School is...


Driving School Student

Choosing Northwest Driving school was one of the best decisions I have made. I had little practice and driving gave me bad anxiety, but after three 2 hour courses I did great. Margaret was my instructor and she was awesome! She made me so comfortable in such a short amount of time. She gave me so much confidence...


Driving School Student

Driving Test FAQ

No. Nevada driving tests are administered by the Nevada DMV.

Northwest Driving School’s drive test purchase includes the following options for our students:

Unfortunately not. The DMV only allows the test taker and the proctor to be in the car during the test. However, your instructor can be there to help you before and after your exam.

Unfortunately not. The DMV only allows the test taker and the proctor to be in the car during the test. However, your instructor can be there to help you before and after your exam.

No. The DMV levies additional fees for the practical exam. These fees must be paid to the DMV at the time of your appointment.

Contact us first. That way, we can make sure that your chosen instructor and car are available on the day of your exam. We can then provide instructions to help you book your DMV appointment.

When you are ready to schedule your driving test, call 702-212-5667, and we will coordinate your instructor and your car with the available DMV test times.

Here at Northwest Driving School, we make it our priority to help you be successful. We offer practice drives with qualified instructors and provide DMV test vehicles for your convenience. Our experienced staff will prepare you for the road ahead and support you in getting your driver’s license as soon as possible. Visit us today to get started!

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