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Reduce Your Traffic Points In A Few Days


Remove Traffic Ticket Points

Northwest Traffic School helps you reduce your traffic ticket citation points up to a maximum of three points from your record when you attend Northwest's Traffic School. If the citation is less than 3 points, attending Traffic School will clear your ticket completely.

5-Hour Course Available

Northwest Traffic School offers a course for drivers who have gotten a traffic-related citation, which can range in severity from 1 to 8 points, depending on the nature of the citation.

Informative And Interesting Classes

Northwest Traffic School classes cover traffic laws, driver fitness, auto insurance, and defensive driving techniques integrating colorful power points and demonstrative videos.

Same-Day Certificate Processing

Northwest Traffic School processes the paperwork you need to get your ticket reduced or eliminated before you leave our campus. There is no wait time, no processing fee…it’s all included and it’s all done for your convenience.

Nevada DMV Approved

Northwest Traffic School classes meet all requirements of the courts, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Las Vegas, NV probation officers and employers. Taking the classes helps the ticket-holder with plea bargains as well as getting the charges reduced.

Some Benefits Northwest
Driving & Traffic School

DMV Approved

Your traffic school completion and student information is reported to the Nevada DMV and you leave with your certificate in hand.


Qualified Instructors

Your Traffic School instructors are licensed through the Nevada DMV, passed a background check, and have decades of experience teaching students the rules of the road.

Effortless Process

An Effortless Process

Register online for our next class or call 702-212-5667. Once you complete your class and receive your certificate, your ticket is as good as gone! What could be easier?

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