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The 2023 Tesla Is The Perfect Fit For Most Drivers

Northwest’s 15-6 is a new program certified by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles that combines 15 hours of classroom training along with 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction in lieu of the 30 hour drivers education course.

The classroom portion is completed in one weekend with class times running from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.

Behind-Wheel-Lessons Training In A Tesla


The 2023 Tesla Is The Perfect Fit For Most Drivers

The behind-the-wheel portion consists of three, two-hour lessons. Your driving instructor will show you how to recognize hazards in real traffic situations

You will also be taught the following:


Behind-The-Wheel Costs To Train In A Tesla




Drive Test In A Tesla


Now You Are Ready For The Test

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) administers provides several Driving Tests. Skills (Driving) Tests for beginning, commercial, motorcycle, new resident, renewal and reinstatement drivers are offered six days a week. At Northwest Driving and Traffic School, our DMV approved programs prepare you for most of the offered driving tests (NWDS does not offer commercial or motorcycle driver-training).

Whether you are a new driver starting with Drivers Ed, a returning driver or an adult first-time driver, Northwest provides you with exceptional training to pass your Driving Test the first time!

To take the Nevada Driving Test you will need the following documentation:

Drive Test Costs

NWDS For Your Convenience


Corporate Defensive Driving Program

Call For Pricing

This Option Applies ONLY to existing Northwest Driving School students

  • Please call our office at 702-212-5667 when you are ready to book your DMV Drive Test. We will book the DMV Drive Test with you to ensure we have an instructor available when the DMV has available Drive Test appointments.
  • Your Instructor will pick you up just like a regular lesson.
  • Your Instructor will provide you with a short, drive test review on your way to your DMV Drive Test.
  • If time allows, you and your Instructor will drive you home after your Drive Test is complete. This does not apply to minors who must be met at the DMV by their parents. Parents are then responsible for accompanying their child home after their Drive Test is complete.

* Call 702-212-5667 for drive test auto rental details

Why Northwest Is The Best
Driving School In Las Vegas?

Verified Instructors

Learn to drive and pass the test with professional instructors that are verified by DMV.

A Fleet Of Cars

Pick your car from our extensive selection for driving and taking the test if you like!

Interesting Programs

We provide a wide range of programs so you can choose one that’s specific to your needs.

Become A Quality Driver

Learn the skill of a lifetime and be good at it. Our program is designed to help you achieve just that.

Save Your Money

We offer best-in-class programs at the most affordable rate without ever compromising on quality.

Students Testimonials

Great experience all around. The office staff responded quickly to my calls and e-mails when booking. Frankie was our instructor for the 15/10 course. My son thought that Frankie explained things clearly and thoroughly. He passed his test on the first try and felt that it was due to how much he had learned from Frankie.


Driving School Student

Margaret is an absolutely amazing instructor! She's friendly, knowledgeable, and constructive! Just on the first day, I was extremely relaxed with her. Within a few lessons, she helped me gain my confidence back! I highly recommend her to everyone!


Driving School Student

Margaret E. was such and amazing instructor. I enjoyed having classes with her and how funny she is. She taught me everything I needed to know about my driving test. She’s really caring towards her students and makes sure to help them improve.


Driving School Student

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