How to Fit Driving Lessons Around School or Work Schedules

How to Fit Driving Lessons Around School or Work Schedules

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How can I fit driving lessons around my busy school or work schedule?”

We understand that it’s difficult to make time for anything when you’re juggling your studies and a job, but there are some ways to make driving lessons more convenient. In this article, we will explore how you can best manage your time so that you can get on with life and improve your skills behind the wheel.

Get Up Early

While this might sound a little simplistic, getting up earlier can give you a few more hours in the day to focus on your driving lessons. If you’re currently struggling to find time after work or school, try waking up a little bit earlier so that you have more breathing room. This way, you can take your lessons during the morning or afternoon and not feel as rushed.

Split The Lesson Into Two Parts

If mornings are too hectic for you, consider splitting the lesson into two parts. Instead of taking a four-hour lesson straight out of work, why not break it up into two sessions? This will help to minimize fatigue and allow you to better focus on learning new material.

Take A Break In Between Lessons

On the other hand, if trying to fit in two lessons is too much for you, try taking a break between them. For example: if your school ends at one and the driving lesson starts at three, consider going to work from nine to twelve-thirty. That gives you an hour-and-a-half of free time before heading out again without feeling too rushed or worn down!

Don’t Forget To Eat And Stay Hydrated

It’s important that while trying not to fall into any bad habits with your schedule (i.e., staying up late), make sure that you’re still getting enough sleep and eating properly during this time period as well! Driving requires mental clarity more than physical strength so be mindful about how exhausted you are after a long day of working or studying before heading out to your driving lesson.

Change Your Pick Up And Drop Off Points

Fit your driving lessons around your life, not the other way around! If there’s a spot near your home or workplace that you can use as both a pick-up and drop-off point for your driving instructor, take advantage of it. This will help to minimize the amount of time spent travelling in each direction and maximize the amount of actual driving practice you get.

Ask Your Instructor For Flexibility

If you’re having trouble fitting scheduled driving lessons into your current lifestyle, don’t be afraid to speak to your instructor about it! Driving instructors understand that everyone has different lives and obligations outside of their lessons so they’ll likely be happy to work with you on finding a time that works best for both parties.

Take Advantage Of Weekends

Although they will most likely be more expensive than weekday lessons, driving sessions on weekends can often provide a lot of flexibility. This is because most people tend to prefer not to drive during the weekend (preferably), so there’s less traffic and congestion for your instructor which means you get better quality instruction that doesn’t have to include getting stuck in traffic or waiting at red lights!

Consider A Semi-Structured Driving Lesson Plan

Many students do not like having their schedule dictated by someone else even if it is only once every few weeks. If this sounds like something you would want to avoid then consider introducing some semi-structured driving lessons into your curriculum instead.

What Is semi-structured driving? It involves taking advantage of both scheduled and unscheduled driving lessons. Unscheduled driving lessons mean that you will be able to take a lesson whenever it is convenient for you and your schedule, but they may also cost more as the instructor has less time set aside just for you.

Scheduled driving lessons are those which have been pre-arranged by both yourself and an instructor so that there is at least one lesson per week on a regular basis – this can often result in significant savings over having fewer scheduled hours each month with an instructor because of the reduced administration costs involved.

In addition to semi-structured learning, make sure that any practise or training sessions between your normal weekly lessons incorporate elements from both structured and flexible styles of teaching/learning as well if possible though!

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