Sharing The Road With Trucks

Sharing the Road with Trucks

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In a recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, it was found that of all truck related car fatalities, 75% were car initiated.

Stay out of the no zones:

  • Rear: If you can’t see the trucks outside mirrors, the driver can’t see you.
  • Sides: If you can’t see the drivers face in the mirror, he can’t see you.

Here are some tips for sharing the road safely with trucks:

  • Always pass on the left and don’t move back in front of the truck until you can see the whole front of the truck in your rear view mirror.
  • Trucks will swing left to make a right turn so don’t try to pass as you may get sideswiped by the trailer.
  • On windy days, never drive alongside a truck for longer than you need to pass it.
  • If stopped on a hill behind a truck, it will roll backwards when it begins to accelerate, so leave yourself extra space as a precaution.
  • If you’re in front of a truck, never stop abruptly as truck can take twice as long as a regular car to stop.

The Risk of Underride/Override:

  • Underride – Cars that rear-end large trucks are at risk of sliding underneath the truck on impact.
  • Override – Large trucks that rear-end cars are at risk of driving over top of the car.
  • Both scenarios are very grim, and extra precautions are necessary to avoid these scenarios from happening.

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