Young Drivers How to Lose Your License

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If you are under 18 years old and applying for a Nevada driver’s license or permit, a parent or guardian must cosign your application. You will need to sign an affidavit stating you understand the following:

Your license may be:

  • Suspended for 90 days if your BAC is at least .02% but less than .08%
  • Revoked for 90 days for any court finding of driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance
  • Suspended or issuance delayed for up to two years for:
  1. Graffiti on or defacing public or private property
  2. Any criminal activity involving alcohol or a controlled substance
  3. Using, possessing, selling or distributing a controlled substance
  4. Purchasing, consuming or possessing an alcoholic beverage
  • Suspended or issuance delayed for up to one year for handling or possessing a firearm. For a second offence, your license is suspended or issuance delayed for up to two years
  • If found guilty of participating in or organizing an unauthorized speed contest you license for 6 months but not more than two years
  • Habitual truancy carries a suspension of you license for at least 30 day but no more than six months. For second offense your subsequent offenses, your license will be suspended for a least 60 days but no more than one year or have issuance of your license delayed for 60 days

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