Buccaneers Member Arrested for DUI

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Isaiah Harris, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers director, was fired on Thursday following his arrest for DUI.

The 35-year-old refused a blood-alcohol test and was arrested for misdemeanor DUI. He was released on $500 bond. Buccaneer Manager Jason Licht stated for the record, “This type of incident, particularly for someone whose primary responsibilities are to mentor and develop our players off the field, cannot be tolerated.”

Harris’ job was to help players with off-field issues and facilitate transitioning to the “real world” and lead by example. In the real world, everyone faces consequences for their actions, including leaders. Unfortunately for Harris, the consequences in his world were dramatic and swift.

Just like everyone who receives a DUI, Harris was required to take a DUI / Risk-Reduction course, a Clinical Evaluation and complete community service.

For further information about what needs to be completed after receiving a DUI please visit www.northwestdrivingschool.com or call (702) 212-5667.

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