Features in Your Car That Will Soon Disappear

Features in Your Car That Will Soon Disappear

Outside of a film, when was the last time you saw an engine crank handle on a car? What about an 80’s style car phone, or even manual window winders?

Car features that people once took for granted have been almost completely phased out as newer technology takes over, and that process is ongoing. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at what car features we all take for granted are slowly disappearing from more modern models of motor vehicles.

Key Ignition 

One of the reasons that you don’t see crank handles sticking out of the front of modern cars is that it was replaced with an ignition key. 

A backfiring crank handle was actually a fairly dangerous event and employing a sophisticated voltage-generation system that could ignite the fuel-air mixture meant you didn’t have to get out of the car to start it.

However, more and more models of cars are employing a combination of electronic door opening fobs and low-frequency signal push-button engine starters. Since these are just more streamlined and convenient, the key ignition system could soon go the way of the crank handle.


As cars become more and more complex, and more reliant on computerized systems analog systems like handbrakes are being phased out. The traditional handbrake system used a cable to apply your rear disc pads when the car is stopped, preventing your vehicle from rolling forwards or backward.

Modern cars increasingly make use of an electronic handbrake or parking brake feature. This style of braking system is safer, as it can only be switched on or off when the engine is running. It also automatically aids in hill hold control, keeping the car in place on steep roads. 


The rise of electric cars has put the traditional exhaust at risk. The primary function of an exhaust is to carry the waste gasses from combustion away from the engine. Since electric cars no longer use a combustion chamber engine, there is very little in the way of waste products. 

We’re still a fair way from having all cars on the road running on greener electricity, but as that day gets nearer, the days of smoke-belching exhaust pipers will be numbered. 

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