How to Avoid Deer on the Roads

How to Avoid Deer on the Roads

The likelihood of encountering deer on the road rises significantly between October and January as they become more active in their mating season. These essential driver safety techniques will help you avoid a deer collision and travel with confidence.

A Deer Collision Prevention Guide

1. Time Your Drives

Deer are most active at dawn and dusk each day, which is also when visibility is difficult for you. It’s best to avoid driving at these hours; instead, opt for midday when they’re less likely to be out. Otherwise, be aware that deer are more likely to appear at those times and stay alert.

2. Stay in the Center

Deer often dart into the road when they’re startled. If you can safely drive in the center lane, keep to the middle of the road as much as possible to give them more space so they’re less likely to startle. If they do run into the road, you’ll have a few more seconds to react.

3. Use Your Lights

driver safety Keep your headlights on when driving in low-visibility hours. If you’re in a rural area and there is no oncoming traffic, put on your brights for even more illumination. The bright headlights will help you see further ahead and into dark corners. Look out for any motion on the side of the road or the reflective glint of a deer’s eyes.

4. Use the Horn

If you do see a deer on the road ahead, ignore the instinct to swerve, which will make you lose control. You might veer right into the deer’s path as it tries to jump out of the way. Instead, brake firmly and use your horn to give a long honk to scare them out of the road.

5. Look for More

Deer travel in herds, so if you see one, then there are likely more nearby. If one crosses the road in front of you or is off to the side, slow down and keep your eye out for the rest.

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