How to Be a More Eco-Friendly Driver

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In a time when the impact of carbon pollution is becoming more and more obvious the ecological consequences of what we drive are growing in importance to most drivers. 

An increasing number of drivers are looking to buy a car that couples performance with low carbon emissions and, while there are some very effective hybrid and electric cars now on the market, how they are driven is as important as what fuel they use.

Driving in an eco-friendly manner offers the average driver the chance to reduce their carbon footprint by 400kg in annual carbon dioxide emissions, but the benefits don’t stop there. Eco-friendly also conserves fuel, meaning the average driver could also save up to $230 of fuel savings a year.

So, if you are looking for ways to improve your carbon footprint and save money, here are our tips on how you can drive in a more eco-friendly manner.

Combine Your Trips

Most cars are at their least fuel-efficient during short trips. If you are taking your car on a five minute run to the grocery store, you’re not doing the planet or your wallet any good. The best way to make use of your car’s energy potential is to combine short trips and errands together to maximize the amount of time you spend in the car.  

Or, you could always walk.

Buy an Eco-friendly Car

We know this isn’t always possible for a first-time car buyer, but if you are serious about your responsibility, then buying a newer car is always a good idea. Older cars tend to produce more emissions, whereas newer models have more eco-friendly features. 

Hybrid cars and electric cars represent the most environmentally friendly options and the good news is that many states now offer trade-in schemes and grants for people looking to buy hybrid and electric cars.

Pick the Correct Gear

 Driving at a consistent speed in the highest possible gear helps keep your car in its optimum revs per minute (RPM) range, which is key for fuel-efficiency. If you are not sure what gear you should be in, here is a quick guide to help you remember:

  • 1st Gear: Driving-off only
  • 2nd Gear: 15 Mph
  • 3rd Gear: 25 Mph
  • 4th Gear: 30 Mph
  • 5th Gear: 40 Mph

Maintain Your Car

A well-maintained car is always going to produce fewer emissions and have better fuel economy than one that is in bad repair. To keep you car as efficient as possible, make sure to service your car according to the manufacturer’s schedule and keep up regular maintenance like changing the oil, replacing parts, and making sure your catalytic converter is working correctly.

Pump up Your Tires

Under-inflated tires cause resistance on the road surface, increasing the amount of fuel you use on a journey. To avoid this, check your tire pressure on a regular basis. Keeping your tires correctly inflated also improves traction on the road, keeping you safer if you are driving in icy or wet conditions.

Expert Training

The Northwest Driving School and Traffic School provide the Las Vegas community with live driving and traffic classes taught by seasoned instructors. All of our driving instructors have passed background checks, each automobile is DMV safety-approved and every member of the Northwest family is committed to providing excellent drivers ed and behind the wheel instruction.

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