How to Help Overcome Nerves in a Learner Driver

How to Help Overcome Nerves in a Learner Driver

If you have a teenage child, you’re probably thinking about when to arrange driving lessons for them. However, while learning to drive is an exciting time for many, it can also cause anxiety in some teens. Below are a few tips to help your teenager feel comfortable on the road.

How to Deal With Anxiety for First-Time Drivers

1. Talk About Expectations

Before your teen starts driving lessons, you should walk them through the process so that there is less for them to worry about when they begin. Have them sit in the driver’s seat with the engine off and teach them about the various controls in the vehicle.

If they have a fear of a particular aspect of driving, such as entering highways or reversing, watch some online tutorial videos with them. Also, reassure them that anxiety is normal when driving for the first time, and it will fade with practice.

2. Focus on the Present 

A new driver must concentrate when controlling the car. Tell your teen to focus on the road that they can see, instead of worrying about bridges or intersections that might be challenging to deal with later.

If they are having trouble, practice mindfulness techniques to ease the tension. These include being aware of the feeling of their hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals. This will help them stay in the present moment and prevent their mind from wandering.

3. Familiarize Them With the Car

Humans are creatures of habit and we feel at our most calm in environments where we are familiar with our surroundings. If your teen has severe anxiety related to driving, start by just getting them to sit in the car while it’s parked.

Allows them to slowly become more accustomed to these new surroundings and run them repeatedly through where all the controls are and they will feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to actually driving.

4. Avoid the Worst Scenario

Although your teen should be aware of potential dangers, it’s unhealthy to imagine the worst outcome every time they drive. 

Explain to them that while accidents can happen, they are unlikely with proper driving lessons and techniques.

Also, let your teen know that they can further reduce the probability of an accident by remaining calm and focusing on driving, rather than the driving of others. 

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