Odd Driving Laws You Might Break Without Knowing

Odd Driving Laws You Might Break Without Knowing

Driving can be a tricky business. You have to worry about the traffic, obeying all of the laws, and making sure your car is in good condition. 

But what happens when you find out that there are some weird driving laws that you might unknowingly break?

There are many odd driving laws in America that can land you in hot water without even knowing what they were. 

For example, if you’re out to dinner with your friends and want to take a break for dessert while eating on the go, don’t do so in Florida or Arkansas where it’s illegal to eat while driving. It also isn’t legal in Montana or Washington state to drive wearing flip-flops!

The consequences for breaking these odd driving laws can range from fines and points off your license all the way up to jail time. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the strangest driving laws still on the books, as well as how you can avoid getting into trouble by knowing them before you break them!

Driving in Flip-Flops

Flip-flops might as well be the state footwear for some of the more southern states, but they are not suitable for driving in. Driving in flip-flops can be dangerous for a number of reasons. 

First, flip flops are hardly the most stable of footwear and your foot might slip off the pedal while trying to change gears or apply the gas. 

Second, you won’t have enough grip on the pedals, and sudden stress on your flip-flops, like if you’re suddenly called on to brake hard, can cause them to snap and you to lose control. 

Third, the design of flip-flops means it’s easy for the toe of the shoe to get stuck under the pedal. The couple of seconds it takes to free your foot could be the difference between life and death.

Losing control of your car because you were wearing flip-flops could void your insurance and see you charged with reckless driving, so just keep a spare pair of shoes in the car. 

Urinating by the side of the road

There are a number of reasons why urinating by the side of the road can land you in trouble, but it’s probably best to start with the fact that there is absolutely no reason for doing so whatsoever. 

Any kind of public indecency could lead to legal action being taken against you and this applies equally whether or not anyone was offended by your actions. 

If someone does report what they saw as offensive behavior then an officer will come around asking questions about where exactly it happened and who did it (they may even track down CCTV footage). 

With all these details in hand, they’ll be looking at charging you with indecent exposure at least – which carries up to two years’ imprisonment upon conviction.

A few more minutes planning your journey and looking up rest stops is all it takes to avoid any potential criminal charges.  

Driving While Eating

There are actually several states where eating behind the wheel is illegal including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Utah, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

The reason that these states have made eating behind the wheel illegal is that it’s considered a distraction to the driver. 

Even in states where eating while driving isn’t specifically mentioned in the law, it can still be considered a distinction if it causes you to look away from the road or take your hands off the wheel.

If you do need to eat, just pull over into a safe position, eat your food and then get back on the road. The time saved by eating your muffin while driving isn’t worth a fine or the loss of your life or the life of another road user. 

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