5 Techniques You Can Use to Anticipate the Road Ahead

5 Techniques You Can Use to Anticipate the Road Ahead

Anticipating changes in the road ahead of you gives you extra time to react and keeps you and other road users safe. However, anticipating is something that’s easier said than done. Diving is naturally a distracting process. To help you sharpen your anticipation skills, here are five techniques you can use.

Work on Your Observation Skills

When most drivers are scanning the road ahead, they tend to fall into a fixed aspect ratio, simply staring at the road ahead of them. Unfortunately, your brain tends to turn off when you do this and you mind wanders.

Scanning the road from side to side, rather than just staring ahead, engages your peripheral perception and makes you more observant.

Always Expect to Have to Stop

Correct stopping distance is vital to safe driving. When you are looking further down the road and scanning for oncoming potential hazards, slow down if you see one approaching, even if you don’t think you’ll need to stop. 

Not only does slowing down give you more time to react, but it is also a signal to other drivers, how might be less observant than you, to do the same.

Stick to the Speed Limit

This should really go without saying, but always stick to the speed limit. Speed limits are in place for a reason and they usually take into account local driving hazards. Remember to adjust your driving speed to reflect the road conditions at the time, slowing to give you more time to stop in wet or icy conditions.

Make Use of the Road Signs

While it can be easy to just let them pass you buy in a blur, road signs, road markings, and

changes in the color of the road or markings are there to provides you with important information. Stay alert to what road signs have to tell you gives you more time to anticipate the dangers and react accordingly.

Avoid Distractions

Using a mobile phone while driving has a similar negative effect on your driving and awareness as being over the legal alcohol limit. The same goes for doing your makeup, fiddling with the radio, and updating the SatNav.

Keep your attention fixed on the road at all times and minimize distractions to keep you and other road users safe.

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